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Trash Talk: not a fan of dronesAlex De Mora

Watch Trash Talk take down a drone mid-gig

The bassist from the Sacramento hardcore band threw a beer bottle right at the drone and took it clean out of the air

In 2014, it's not unusual to look up from a crowd at a gig or festival and spy a drone hovering and filming the action. Of course, there are a lot of people who still aren't comfortable being watched by unmanned aerial vehicles. Trash Talk bassist Spencer Pollard probably ranks as one of those uncomfortable people.

During a recent gig in Detroit, Pollard successfully used a beer bottle as a missile and brought a drone crashing to the ground, albeit after three attempts. Pollard's downing of the quadcopter caused damages of up to $700.

The drone was owned by a 52-year old called Henry Arnold, who owns a company called Detroit Drone. Arnold had been commissioned by the organisers of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward skateboarding event at Michigan Theatre to record all of the performances.

Arnold told MLive: "I expressed my bewilderment at why he would do that. I didn't use that line, but that's the gist of what happened and he was like, 'Screw you', and I was like, 'Screw you', and that was that. There was mature language used."

Arnold also added: "I’m just glad no one got hurt. It’s very dangerous to down a drone over a crowd, and it landed in about the only safe area it could have."

Trash Talk so far have not commented on whether the beer bottle attack was an anti-drone strike with a message, the result of too much drinking or just a moment in the song with no bass, thus allowing Pollard the freedom to throw shit around.

Check out the footage below: