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Visit Amerika: 4real's online app for YouTube patriots

The digital creators and UNO faves present an app for exploring the cultural un-significance of the USA today: feat. Britney, Tupac and bikini girls with machine guns

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As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day. 

Uno – the convention-blasting, genre-straddling, Brooklyn-based electronic dance music label – are taking over Dazed for the day. They welcome us to their world with a curated selection of their favourite artists of the moment, including exclusive treats from Mykki Blanco, Gobby and Ian Isiah.

4REAL, based in NYC, is a creative agency and UNO NYC favourite co-founded by artist Analisa Teachworth and musician Slava. They've responded to the States project with a new app – an online space in the form of an All-American YouTube vortex. The app takes the viewer through a distorted vision of the States: that means American Beauty rose petals, Brit-brit's familiar warblings and good old-fashioned demolitions.

"This 4REAL space is a vague comment on the cultural un-significance of the now, and the new ways of "belonging" as Americans – via sites such as personal YouTube channels. The use of the flag is a veil in the midst of pop-ups and spam; amalgamated into randomness, popularity, and the banality of our high-velocity contemporary culture. We explore these accelerated digital spatial attributes, like flatness, shallowness and variation in personal perspective. Inserting the pre-existing/re-used, so that it emerges as innovation, is a means of materializing an interface into its own dynamic entity."

Instructions: Click through >>>>> Jiggle your cursor over the Stars 'n' Stripes >>>>> Relax.


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