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Ever wondered why William Onyeabor won't play live?

The reclusive musician is refusing to perform until somebody helps him find an old friend from Milan – he doesn't know his name, just that he used to run a plastic factory and is very nice

Dazed needs your help. It's been revealed to us that the reclusive funk musician William Onyeabor will not play live until he's found an old business associate from the 80s.

Onyeabor, whose music is regularly performed around the world by luminaries such as David Byrne and Money Mark, is searching for a man from Milan whose name he cannot remember and for whom he has no contact details. He will not play live until this man is found.

According to his label manager Eric Welles, Onyeabor is pained by a memory of a relationship from the 1980s, something that he's seeking to put right. The only information he has is that the man in question was the Managing Director of the Ambrosio Plastic Company from 1984-1986 and that he was always very sincere and genuine. Does anybody know who this could be?

It's a story that Onyeabor has relayed to Welles many times over the years – clearly something about this man troubles him deeply. When Welles speaks to him on the phone and tells him how successful tribute shows have been, Onyeabor acknowledges the news but refuses to attend or consider playing until the "Italian issue" is resolved.

Does anybody out there know a Milanese man from the 80s who ran a plastic factory? Can you help William Onyeabor bury a hatchet and get him onstage?

Tweet us, message us on Facebook, email us, whatever. Let's find this guy.

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