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Flamingods_ Hyperborea 1440 x 1440 copy

Ready for the wild sounds of Flamingods?

The London/Dubai soundclashers create global-minded psychedelia with their dance-party-ready new album Hyperborea

The story of how the new Flamingods LP came together is one that begins back in 2009, and encompasses London, Bahrain and Dubai. Founding member Kamal Rasool started out recording percussive psychedelia as a solo project, before being joined by Charles Prest, Sam Rowe and Craig Doporto – school friends from Bahrain who, like Rasool, re-located to the UK to study – and Londoner Karthik Poduval. During the making of the latest record, a change in visa laws meant Rasool was forced to leave the UK; he completed the album by sharing parts online with the other four band members from his new home in Dubai. All this suggests that the result might be a somewhat fractured LP, and yet Hyperborea, set for release on Shape Records on July 21, is blissfully fluid. Musically, too, it’s an explosion of instruments from all over the world and genres that shouldn’t quite go together: highlights come with the playful interweaving of vocal jabs, sighs and drones on “Himiko”, the meditative chimes of “Morning Raga”, the hallucinogenic expanse of closer “Nibiru” and the mid-album dance party that is the title track. This kind of global-minded psychedelia, created by musicians living across the world from one another, could only have been made in 2014 – and yet Flamingods sound like nothing else right now.