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Son Lux

Stream Son Lux's diverse Dazed mix

The NYC alt hip-hop artist and Lorde collaborator shares a wild 39 mins inspired by swamp dirge dystopia

Son Lux has put out a few releases over the past six years, but it feels like the NY artist has really stepped it up in 2014, with a very creepy collab with Lorde and a great album with Serengeti and Sufjan Stevens as Sisyphus. In new mix for Dazed, he deeply-mines sounds from the Anticon and Stones Throw catalogue and non-English pop. Listen out for Portugese zouk/kuduro/techno outfit Buraka Som Sistema and 60s Thai pop singer Onuma Singsiri.

We sent him a quick email for the lowdown on his approach, and he didn't disappoint: "Cassette release of the swamp dirge soundtrack to the yet to be capped Escape from (NY/LA) trilogy, in which our protagonist armed with only his wits and prosthetic shotgun arms makes his way through a dystopic Orlando swelter." It makes us want to watch Dark City, El Topo and Sins of the Fleshapoids on a three-way split screen. In other words, the weirdest party ever.


General Electriks – "Central Park" (excerpt)
Doo Rag –  "Hog Tied" (excerpt)
Dom Thomas – "Cavernous Sinus" (excerpt)
Spirituals – "Wanderings" (Beautiful Bells Remix)
Samiyam – "Snakes on the Moon" (excerpt)
Oh No – "Excalibur"
Onuma Singsiri – "Mae Kha Som Tam"
Hieroglyphic Being – "Incontrollable Tears"
Young Fathers – "No Way"
Melt Yourself Down – "Camel"
Buraka Som Sistema – "Tira O Pé"
Mati Zundel – "La Cumbia de La Loviya"
Mr. Oizo – "1$44"
Kill the Vultures – "Moonshine"
Mitch Hedberg – "Koalas" (excerpt)
Lando Kal – "Fuzzy Ankles"

Son Lux plays Latitude Festival on July 18