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Calling all DJs – VFiles wants you

The digital fashion hub is teaming up with Def Jam for its first-ever DJ Championships

Calling all aspiring euphoria salesmen – VFiles is launching its first-ever DJ Championships in partnership with Def Jam. The online fashion hub, which runs its own downtown boutique in New York, is teaming up with the behemoth record label to give struggling producers and DJs their big break. 

Entrants must submit a mix between ten and 20 minutes that contains original material, as well as videos, images and GIFs (stay true to that zeitgeist, aspiring DJs). The winner will be judged on their submission as well as social media popularity – so the more friends you have to throw some likes around, the better. 

Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua, the head of A&R at Def Jam will also be lending his expertise and helping to decide the big winner. The legendary music executive signed Kanye West and Lil Wayne to his label, so suffice to say he's a pretty big deal. "Def Jam’s brand, right down to our logo, is built around the special role the DJ plays in shaping the taste and tone of the culture," Joshua said. "VFiles – with their forward-thinking eye for young talent and their unique, central role in street style – is a natural partner for us."

Three finalists will be flown to New York to do battle at the VFiles SS15 afterparty at New York Fashion Week in September. The winner will receive free professional studio time in New York, exclusive access to Def Jam events throughout the year, and will get to play at Def Jam's 30th anniversary party. 

Whatever you think of DJ talent competitions, VFiles will probably walk all over Simon Cowell's upcoming reality show Ultimate DJ, which sees the Syco mogul apply the X Factor format to electronic music. The concepts behind both aren't all that different, but one's run by Def Jam and VFiles and the other by a 54-year-old man who doesn't seem capable of doing up his top four shirt buttons. You decide. 

Applicants can send in their mixes here. Watch the promo video for the VFiles DJ Championship below: