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Avicii concerts: bad for some people's health

Dozens rushed to hospital after Avicii concert in Boston

36 people had to be hospitalised in what emergency services describe as a ‘mass casualty’ event

36 concertgoers, many of them minors, had to be taken to hospital for drug and alcohol-related illnesses following an Avicii concert at Boston's TD Garden. Over 50 others were treated on the scene. Boston Emergency Medical Services described the incident as a "mass casualty" event after seven ambulances had to be called to the concert venue. 

Numerous witnesses told the Boston Globe that the venue became too hot and overcrowded during the course of the show. It seems like a toxic combination of dehydration, heat and possible drug or alcohol use proved too much for some. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and all of the injuries have been minor. 

One 19-year-old bystander, who saw three women get stretchered out, said he noticed "a lot of people who couldn’t handle themselves. People who don’t do drugs come here and do drugs."

"You couldn’t breathe if you were on the floor," he said. "It was the best and worst time ever."

An emergency services spokesperson said that there may have been some illicit drug involved, but none have been identified so far. This isn't the first time Avicii concerts have ended in a hospital visits for some of his fans: at an earlier gig in Toronto, 29 attendees were hospitalised for drug or alcohol-related illnesses. 

Avicii tweeted earlier today: