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Wu-Tang Clan are looking for an unpaid social media intern

Want to be Wu-Tang Clan's unpaid intern?

Cash rules everything around us – unless you want to be part of Wu-Tang Clan's social media team

Do you have an excellent written communication and an ability to meet deadlines? Want to gain experience in social media and make cups of tea for Method Man? You're in luck: Wu-Tang Clan are looking for an unpaid intern to handle their social media. 

Noisey reports that Wu-Tang Management have placed a Craigslist ad for an intern who will post on the group's various Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot and Ning (?) accounts. Good time-keeping is a must, although it's not like Wu are particularly good at this either. Remember when RZA told Raekwon he had 30 days to agree on his tracks for A Better Tomorrow, or he'd be left off the album altogether?

If the ad is legit, prospective interns should shelve their dreams of rolling in dollar with RZA – the position is unpaid. Guess the "anonymous bidder" who offered $5 million for Once Upon A Time In Shaolin didn't actually come through with the cash. 

It's not the first time that celebrities have appealed online for interns – Charlie Sheen did the same a few years back (this particular author actually applied and got through a few rounds only to not get the job and remain crushed forever).

You can apply for the internship here.