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Aphex Twin record sells for nearly £30,000

The long lost Caustic Window LP has sold on eBay for tens of thousands of pounds – what else has gone for big bucks?

The test pressing of Caustic Window, the long lost Aphex Twin record, has sold on eBay for £27,000. The emergence of the discarded album by the revered electronica auteur instigated a fervour amongst Aphex devotees when its existence was revealed two months ago. The money from the sale will be split between the people who contributed to the Kickstarter, Aphex Twin and a charity that will be decided by vote on the fan forum We Are The Music Makers. Two other "lost" Aphex records have since surfaced online - Melodies From Mars (1999) and another LP called Analogue Bubblebath 5 (1995).

The sale reinforces the idea that people still like to spin rather than stream and you can't turn the airwaves into antiques. As such vinyl is often valued extremely highly. Let take a look at some valuable wax.

The Beatles – Yesterday and Today (1966) : A copy of this album sold for £25,000 in 1996. The album was only on sale for one day in limited areas and the cover got a fierce backlash. The label, Capitol, reissued the record with a different cover. The copy that sold for thousands came complete with original, unpopular design.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (1980) : One particular copy is of immense value – the one that Mark Chapman asked Lennon to autograph five hours before he shot him. Sold for around £270,000 in 1999.

Frank Wilson – Do I Love You? (1965) : This soul classic sold for £15,000 in 1999. The single was never released to the public, but copies still float around the world.

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen (1977) : I wonder if Johnny Rotten knows that unreleased copies of God Save The Queen go for about £15,000? A legacy of their infamous tenure with A&M Records (they were sacked for awful behaviour), the promotional copies are now worth a lot of money – if Johnny knew maybe he wouldn't have to advertise butter or hit the pantomime.

Velvet Underground & Nico – Acetate LP (1966) : This acetate LP is an early version of their much-heralded debut. Commissioned by Andy Warhol, the tracklisting is altered and a couple of the tracks are ever so slightly different. Apparently only one copy still exists and it was sold in 2006 for £17,000.

Listen to Caustic Window below: How much would you pay for some unreleased Aphex acid?

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