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Polish neo-Nazis threw flares, rocks and bottles at members of the public during Music Day

Polish neo-Nazis attack London music festival

A man was stabbed as violence broke out during the family-friendly event in Tottenham on Saturday

A free music festival held in Tottenham on Saturday was attacked by a group of Polish neo-Nazis, the Evening Standard reports. A 24-year-old Polish man is currently in hospital after being stabbed during the violence. The skinheads hurled flares, bottles and rocks at members of the public who had gathered for the Music Day event, which was part of a global campaign of free music events to "celebrate the universal language of music".

A journalist called Oz Katerji tweeted about the attack:

A statement from Haringey Green Party blamed notorious far-right group Zjednoczeni Emigranci (ZE) for the violence. "Taking the peaceful community event by surprise, ZE launched an unprovoked attack, hurling verbal abuse at locals, intimidating the children and families that were present, before turning to physical violence," the statement reads. "Footage from the community event shows ZE launching rocks and flares at the crowd."

The stab victim remains in hospital but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. Campaign group Unite Against Fascism is organising a protest rally outside Tottenham Town Hall at 6pm today (more details are here). 

Watch a video of the attack below:

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