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The Pizza Underground: not a big fan of Nottingham, either

The Pizza Underground were bottled off stage this weekend

Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed band stormed out of their Nottingham gig after unimpressed punters began chucking pints of beer

Seems like Nottingham isn't a fan of pizza-themed novelty acts. Macaulay Culkin and his band, The Pizza Underground, exited their Nottingham gig early after booing punters began throwing pints of beer at them. 

The Pizza Underground was playing Dot to Dot Festival at Nottingham Rock City when unimpressed hecklers began chucking beer at them. Culkin, who sings and plays kazoo in the band, initially tried to deal with the onslaught amicably. "Why are you throwing these?" he shouted back at the crowd. "I'd rather drink them!"

Eventually, he ran out of patience and took the band offstage, tweeting later:

For those who aren't acquainted with Culkin's musical project, The Pizza Underground are a food-themed tribute act. They take songs by the Velvet Underground and give them a pizza twist: see "Take A Bite On The Wild Slice", "I'm Waiting For Delivery Man" and "A Pizza Day" (technically a Lou Reed solo track, but whatever). Their percussionist also plays a pizza box. We can only imagine how Maureen Tucker feels about that. 

The Pizza Underground joins an illustrious line of acts who have suffered the indignity of being bottled offstage. This includes "Ooh Stick You" singers Daphne & Celeste (Reading Festival, 2000) and 50 Cent (four years later, still at Reading) and Green Day. You're not alone after all, Macauley! 

Check out the band's first show below:

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