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Aaron Stern

Dev Hynes says he was racially profiled at Berlin airport

‘Irony of listening to Wagner at the time of apprehension was not lost on me...’

Dev Hynes claims he was racially profiled and harassed by German authorities as he was passing through a Berlin airport. "Yes, it was racial," he wrote in a series of tweets describing the incident. "Nothing new, sadly."

The Blood Orange singer explained that German airport officials searched his possessions, demanding receipts for electronic equipment he had bought a year ago. This was in spite of the fact that the London-born musician holds both EU citizenship and a US visa.

Hynes's experience comes a few days after Mykki Blanco alleged he was arrested in Portugal for being both black and gay. You can check out Hynes's tweets below; they make for some pretty depressing reading, especially given what other black people have said about racism in the German capital:  

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