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People are already making fun of Solange attacking Jay Z

Minutes after the video broke on TMZ, the meme-machine switched into overdrive. Here's our roundup of the best reactions to the viral video

If you – like most people on the internet – have already seen the TMZ video of Solange allegedly attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Ball afterparty, you'll already have a few questions on your mind. Why did Solange go HAM on Beyonce's husband? Why is Bey standing to one side for most of the attack? How did Solange manage to achieve several flying high kicks in this 3.1 Phillip Lim gown?

Predictably, Twitter has already gone full-on Sherlock with the incident:

But obviously, this being the internet, people were more interested in the chance to make cheap jokes: 

Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange have yet to respond to the video. It is still unclear what prompted Solange to apparently assault Jay-Z. Either way, we assume that the minimum wage security guard who sold this tape to TMZ is one very rich man now.