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Empire Of The Sun

Tim Noakes conducts an exclusive video interview with renegade pop duo Empire Of The Sun

Film DirectionTim NoakesFilm EditingMichael OswaldTextTim Noakes
Empire of the Sun are one of the most eccentric pop acts to come along in years. This is a video I made when interviewing the duo for this month's issue of Dazed & Confused. It's quite strange interviewing two guys dressed like outcasts from a Star Wars convention in a dark, empty film studio in Hendon. Not wanting to feel left out of the weirdness they gave me a spare poncho to wear for the duration of the interview. If you look closely you'll catch a glimpse. What's funniest is that, contrary to appearances, they are very serious about what they want to achieve. And, while many are keen to point out the similarities to Fleetwood Mac and MGMT, their epic MOR musical efforts seem to be paying off – their single "Walking on a Dream" has already notched up over 6 million plays on MySpace. Enjoy the trip...

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