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Pearls Negras - Guerreiro

Pearls Negras go wild in Rio

Brazil's trappin' rap gals get beachside thrills in their colour-bomb new video

As “pacification” escalates in Rio, it’s positive to celebrate the city’s cultural hubs. Nós do Morro, for one, is a theatre company and school that’s shattering class and cultural barriers in the Vidigal favela, a strife-ridden shanty town where even the slums are overpriced. But the school, renowned for off-piste Shakespeare productions, bears sweet fruit with riotous rap warriors Pearls Negras, three 16-17 year old Rio girls recently signed by visiting Bolabo labelheads Jan Blumentrath and David Alexander (Yo! Majesty, Dominique Young Unique).

Despite the Brazilian trio’s low expectations – “we didn’t understand why a fucking gringo was talking to us,” joked Mariana Alves – they turned heads and hips with their rebellious, trap-absorbed Biggie Apple mixtape, and the Pearls continue to flick off sexist baile-funk with second vid “Guerreiro”, which translates as “Warrior” and earns the title. Confrontational, beastie-girls rhymes and clubby sub-bass drop into dreamy pianos backed by lush beach scenes, the girls jumping on army jeeps to terrorise their hometown. Get the new Vidigal flow exclusively via Dazed.