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beyonce jay z on the run
It's Jay on the left, BTW: the poster for the On The Run tour

What to expect from Beyoncé and Jay-Z's tour

On The Run is coming to a stadium near you. Here are our song predictions for the 16-city stadium stormer

In between making you feel bad by posting Instagram shots of their perfect life and making friends with the Obamas, the Carter-Knowles family have also made the occasional foray into music. Beyoncé and Jay-Z made $95 million between 2012 and 2013, and their combined net wealth hovers around the $850 million mark – and that's not counting the cash they've probably stashed away for Blue Ivy's nest egg. Now, after weeks of speculation, the couple have announced that they'll be embarking on their first ever tour together. One that's also sponsored by Chase Bank, you know, as if you didn't know they weren't going to get rich enough off this already.

Beyoncé announced the On the Run tour on her website earlier today, with scheduled dates in 16 North American cities. It kicks off in Miami on 25 June and finishes off in San Francisco on 5 August, with advance tickets on sale tomorrow. There's also an unconfirmed rumour that the tour will hit Europe this autumn. 

So what can you expect from music's most powerful couple? There's no word yet about how the tour will work, performance-wise. Beyoncé 132-date Mrs Carter world tour was a solo endeavour, although her husband might be more used to sharing stage time given his past experience co-headlining the Legends of the Summer tour with Justin Timberlake.

But obviously, people will be holding their breath for some repeats of classic Bey and Jay tracks. Even though the pair first met when 12 years ago, they've been remarkably restrained when it comes to jumping on each others' tracks. But when they do it, they know how to make it count. Here are the songs you can probably expect to hear played in the On the Run tour: 

"'03 Bonnie & Clyde" from The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)

Once upon a time, it was Beyoncé who scored guest appearances on Jay songs and not vice versa. This single off Hov's seventh album became one of his biggest hits yet, landing in the top ten and scoring Beyoncé's first mega-hit as a solo artist. Given that their new tour's called On The Run, the two are probably channeling the same us-against-the-world vibe. Although maybe let's not resurrect the beret, Bey. 

"Crazy in Love" from Dangerously in Love (2003)

The first – and arguably the best – pop song from Beyoncé and Jay-Z. It's a neat introduction to all the themes that personify Jay-Z and Beyoncé's lyrical collabs: being so-fucking-crazy for each other you can't stand it and being so rich and/or sexy together that no other couple can even come close. If something in your soul doesn't stir when the horn section (deftly sampled from this Chi-Lites song) kicks in, you're probably dead inside. "Crazy in Love" went on to win two Grammys and sold five million copies worldwide. 

"Déjà Vufrom B'Day (2003)

The first single off her second album, "Déjà Vu" was seen by some critics as a clone of "Crazy in Love" (although seriously, who could fault Bey for trying). It also introduced the world to Beyoncé's most unhinged dance move yet (it starts at 2:55), something that can only be described as a backwards-facing ostrich caught in a sandstorm.  

"Upgrade U" from B'Day (2006)

Long before Ciara and Jennifer Lopez were flipping gender roles in their music videos, Beyoncé was donning male drag and lip-syncing Jay's verses. For "Upgrade U", she makes a solid stab at getting Hov's lip curl right and talking about b-balling. (The overall effect is somewhat diminished by Beyonce, playing herself, prancing around Bey-as-Jay in high heels.) "Upgrade You" was nominated for Best Collaboration at the 2007 BET Awards alongside "Déjà Vu". 

"Hollywood" from Kingdom Come (2006)

Probably one of the least-known Jay and Bey songs – it's still a solid addition to the canon, but arguably only came into its own pop-suffused, disco own once Beyonce got her hands on it and re-recorded it for B'Day. Kind of says a lot about their relationship that Beyoncé got away with relegating Jay to a minor intro line and cutting out all his verses, right? It's cool, Jay. It's cool. 

"Young Forever" from The Blueprint 3 (2010)

This chorus for the fourth single off The Blueprint 3 was originally sung by My Hudson, but thankfully Beyoncé was around to jump on the track at several live gigs. Then again, this isn't exactly their best, is it? Beyoncé usually elevates Jay to a whole new level, but then again nobody can account for the coolness-nullifying potential of Alphaville. 

"Lift Off" from Watch the Throne (2011)

One thing about Beyoncé at the top of her game: once you invite her onto a song, good luck getting people to remember anybody who was on it. Jay barely gets a look-in with four bars, and even Kanye's Auto-Tuned best can't compete; Bey's vocals are a monster truck and everybody just has to get the hell outta her way. 

"Part 2 (On The Run)" from Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013)

Another reprise of the ol' Bonnie & Clyde theme, this slow burner off Jay-Z's most recent album is all about a couple living that outlaw life and making love while the sirens come. While it's hard to imagine Beyoncé ever agreeing to stash a .44 for her man in a Fendi handbag, it's pretty obvious what "On The Run" is about: it's Jay and Bey's world, we're just living in it. 

"Drunk in Love" from Beyoncé (2013)

OK, so I initially I wasn't the biggest fan of this song. Why release "Drunk in Love" when you had monstrous pop hits like the Sia-penned "Pretty Hurts" or the let's-get-freaky snarl of "Partition", right? But this damn beat, this goddamn beat. It sounds like depth charges going off at the bottom of the ocean, and it annihilates any and all rational opposition. People have covered it, made "surfboardt" instructionals, made emoji videos to it... Even Lily Allen can't ruin it. It's this decade's "Crazy in Love", coming out almost exactly ten years after Jay and Bey once showed us what they could do. 

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