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Stream the new EP from Gambles

The NYC singer explores textural synths and torchy folk on I Can't Keep Still When It Comes to You

There’s something reassuringly human about Gambles, aka Matthew Daniel Siskin (aka Beyoncé’s web designer). When Dazed hit up the songwriter around the time of the release of his folky debut, Trust, he described the album as “a selfish way to deal with your problems”; six months on, follow-up EP I Can't Keep Still When It Comes to You (out April 28 on Secretly Canadian) is the shiny new sound of a man who can’t help making the same mistakes, which is probably why his music remains so alluring.

“I think as a writer I'll always be inserting myself in what I do, but I want to be more protective this time round,” he says of the new material. “I wanted to get outside of anything comfortable, learn new things, new melodies. The last album was painful to make – it was my literal life – but now I’m meeting new people and fucking up new situations, so in that way, things are ever-changing.” Not too much, mind. From the widescreen, synth-swarmed "You Won’t Remind It" (mixed by Boots, no less) to the habitually brooding "City Song", you’ll struggle to find softer lyrical break-downs of grislier real-life breakups. Stream it exclusively via Dazed below, and as you listen, check out the experimental, user-generated website Siskin designed.

UK tourdates: Liverpool Sound City Festival, Liverpool (May 2); Live at Leeds Festival, Leeds (May 3); The Castle, Manchester (May 4); The Miller, London (May 7); The Great Escape Festival, Brighton (May 8).

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