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Fear of Men Descent

Fear of Men – Descent

Exclusive: The indie-pop Brighton act share their sweet and salty new single

Brighton's best, Fear of Men, are at last putting out their first album, Loom, through Brooklyn's Kanine Records on April 21. Now they premiere their new single "Descent", which continues the trend of string finales found on early track "Waterfall". Like many Fear of Men tracks, "Descent" intimates mental instability (band member Daniel Falvey tells us that "lyrically it is probably the darkest" song), and vocalist Jessica Weiss fills her lyrics with such contorted empathy and hesitation that you can't help but think back to the band's powerful name. As Weiss puts it, the song speaks to: "relying on someone and the good and bad aspects of that", hence the words: "I don't want a safety net". Nothing is ever cut and dry for this band, but their unconventional sweetness is a constant.