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Black Gold Buffalo – Body of Verity

Exclusive: Black Gold Buffalo premiere their shadowy new video, creative directed by Alex Noble

Dark-eyed and bold-hearted London four-piece Black Gold Buffalo create moody electronic pop that sits in a spacious, smoky space. Their coldwave stabs and analogue licks are paired with an experimental aesthetic eye that could as just as easily be from the mind of Laurie Anderson as Debbie Harry. In their new video, directed by Joost Vandebrug, frontwoman Keziah Stilwell commands the frame with bleached slicked hair and geometric stencils on her face, while bassist Hannah Holland knocks the diverse sonics and taut rhythms into shape. The blocky, composite images of a face are courtesy of creative director Alex Noble. He explains: “The key inspiration for the film is collage, and creating a collage of movement between the three artists in the band. We wanted to create something very analogue and hand made, so we layered up different processes of projections and animation.”

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