Daft Punk reveal genius retro advertising campaign

The new line of merchandise from the robots comes complete with Saturday Night Fever-esque promo posters

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The "Daft Punk" belt buckle
The "Daft Punk" belt buckleVia daftpunk.com

Last summer, the robots returned for Random Access Memories, the long-awaited follow-up to 2005's Human After All – and what a return it was. Gloriously distilling the heady days of disco into one long, sweaty nighttime groove, it unleashed the gargantuan single "Get Lucky" and single-handedly introduced Nile Rodgers to a new generation of dance fans. So obviously, Daft Punk merchandise was never going to be just a T-shirt and canvas tote bag affair. 

Earlier this week, the band unveiled their new merch line, featuring "Get Lucky" tank tops and tees and a Daft Punk belt buckle. Even better, they've created groovy disco-inspired ads to go with them, complete with cheesy taglines ("ignite your inner fire") and a male model who looks a hell of a lot like Fonzie from Happy Days.

Sadly, only the Blade Runner-esque "Lose Yourself To Dance" poster is actually for sale, but hopefully that'll change soon. In the meantime, you can grab the merch at the official Daft Punk website – and don't forget to read our cover story with the robots themselves. 

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