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Exclusive: Manchester's frost-pop artist makes waves with his release on Chess Club

True to his namesake, Manchester–based Belgian export Oceaán makes music with (forgive us) a lot of hidden depth. His initial breakthrough track “Need U” was a bouncy tropical house track that sounded about as far away from the grey skyline of Manchester as your imagination could possibly get, but with his self–titled debut EP on Chess Club Records this month comes a whole spectrum of frostier electronic pop. “Basement” is a sparse moment of listlessness, with the artist – real name Oliver Cean, conveniently – sighing “don’t know how to tell ya” over a 2-step rattle like a moment of drunken clarity in the smoking area, while “To Lose” recalls the fractured soul of James Blake.

Oceaán EP is out on March 31 on Rough Trade on 12" and digital.