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Ten things we learned from A$AP Rocky's documentary

Inside the insanity, from Versace bedsheets and Vegas threesomes to hanging with Rihanna and a purple drank recipe

SVDDXNLY received its world premiere earlier this week at SXSW Film in Austin, Texas. Documenting A$AP Rocky’s supersonic rise to fame, it was filmed on the road as the rapper supported Rihanna on her arena tour last year. With cameos by everyone from Rih Rih herself to Snoop Dogg, Danny BrownSchoolboy Q and Macklemore, we learned a whole lot more from the movie than just how to make a glass of Purple Drank…

He's always had a hankering for the big time

“I always hoped I’d be famous – I always thought I would. I always imagined I would,” Rocky says over the film’s opening credits. However, he still likes to think he’s a man of the people, kicking back and doing normal stuff, like ramming his face full of $1 slice New York pizza and doing bong hits on the sofa.

When he was five years old, mini A$AP wanted to be an ice cream man

“My dad told me the ice cream man is a bum, in all reality, so I had to switch my dream.” Hence the trading of Mr Whippy for rhymes, grills and one of the most exciting hip hop crews out there.

Rocky did his first freestyle when he was eight years old

It was about smoking weed and telling people to suck his dick. His birth name is Rakim Myers – and yep, he was named after hip hop legend Rakim. What’s even better is that his sister is called Erica B. That’s what you get when you’re mum is a massive rap fan.

He had played only three gigs before Drake took him on the road

The third gig in New York was with his swarming, willfully messy A$AP Mob. “We were running all over the stage, crowdsurfing and jumping on skinny white girls who couldn’t even hold us,” remembers Rocky fondly.

His right hand man was a fan recruited from the crowd

Lou Banga (aka A$AP Lou) was dragged out of the audience at that third New York show, and he swiftly ingratiated himself with the A$AP Mob and soon became indispensible. Crowd sourcing at its finest.

We get a peek inside A$AP Rocky’s bedroom in the movie

He’s very proud of his Versace sheets, though he does have to drag off a whole load of clothes onto the floor so we can see them. He’s also got a mean sneaker collection at his New York pad – his favourites being the Jeremy Scott designed Adidas Originals with wings. Scott and Rocky are now close mates. “When I think of him, I think of family,” says Scott in the film. “He’s like a brother to me.”

A$AP Rocky has a theory about girls in denim shorts that some might find offensive

I certainly did, especially seeing as I was wearing a pair when I was watching the film.

On the tourbus the A$AP Mob have a couple of favoured beverages

There is of course Purple Drank, which they lovingly prepare by pouring a bottle of prescription strength cough syrup into a bottle of soda. Then there’s the 40oz bottles of Olde English 800, a malt liquor so un-authentically English that no-one in the UK has ever heard of it, let alone tasted it.

A$AP Rocky likes Las Vegas

A lot. Why? The multitude of dining options? The Rat Pack mythology? The Bellagio Fountains? Not quite. “In Vegas you’re guaranteed to fuck two bitches in the same day, at the same time,” he comments. “And that’s what I like about Vegas.”

Kathy Griffin knows how to put A$AP Rocky in his place

The US comedienne got wind of the fact that both Rocky and Danny Brown wanted to have sex with her, so invited Rocky over to her swanky Los Angeles house to out-perve, out-fuck and outrage the rapper, who can’t quite keep up with her skyscraping level of deadpan filth.