Yumi Zouma dual video premiere

Exclusive: The Cascine trio get twisted in two odd and wistful clips from the director of Slava's Girl Like Me

Last month, Brooklyn-based label Cascine released the super debut EP by international three-piece Yumi Zouma. Now we have videos for two of the songs, both created by the twisted mind of Eugene Kotlyarenko (who did Slava's infamous-in-a-good-way "Girl Like Me" and Shine 2009's "Older"). He brings out the darker side of "A Long Walk Home for Parted Lovers" and "The Brae" in two videos telling the story of a girl, her neglectful artist boyfriend, and their stylish, alluring neighbour. When the boyfriend goes away for a trip, our heroine and the neighbour form an intense bond amid iPhones, car rides – and, in the the first video, a dance break.