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Cymbals Erosion

CYMBALS – Erosion

Exclusive: Get off your head with the London four-piece's wavy new video, feat CGI cats and cupcakes

The fluid CGI landscape of dance-pop band CYMBALS’ new video was inspired by Marxist writer Marshall Berman's 1970 book All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, which comes alive as singer Jack Cleverly is rendered as marionette-like (and then headless) against green-screen backgrounds straight out of Windows 98. Director Matthew Reed sifted through back of the web-sofa fluff for the stickiest memes and tropes to form the "HD sludge" which CYMBALS are subsumed by. URL vs IRL unfurls before our eyes, and it sounds so sweet.

CYMBALS play Corsica Studios on June 4.