Zomby introduces his new Cult

As music's masked revenger swoops in with his new signings, we preview the sounds, sights and ideas behind his label, Cult Music

Followers of Zomby's ever-reactive Twitter feed will already be familiar with news that in addition to creating a series of masterful albums and recording music for En Noir fashion shows, he has become head of a record label. Cult Music's new release, following the debut deluxe edition of the fiercely anonymous producer's Where Were U In '92?, is a double A-side from two new producers, Forever Forever and Prayer. Here, you can have a watch of the showreel, showing the visual and musical identity of the EP, out now, and listen to "Playfights" by Forever Forever. 

Dazed Digital: So! Tell us the story of Cult Music.

Zomby: I/we  wanted to see a record label with no extras: just great music and an artist behind it. Simply not a cloaked machine, or a reliance of technology: we're constantly bombarded with sound and image as advertising and the artform suffers. So this is the return of underground music as an artform, only from the artist to the listener directly: we master at Abbey Road for the best quality possible and use heavyweight vinyl. All releases are limited and practically handmade: it's very punk, very DIY and very fucking beautiful. 

Who are Prayer and Forever Forever?

Zomby: Prayer and Forever Forever are two artists who are close to me personally. With that, I guess it was easier to communicate the vision and work alongside each other: they are first to release on the label, with Kollaps, and create a wide range of material. The future for them sounds incredible so far.

What makes a Cult artist?

Zomby: You have to give me your soul.

Will you be releasing your own music on Cult?

Zomby: Fuck yes. 

What's next for you?

Zomby: I've new material coming on 4AD in the near future and a few other labels we all know and love.

What have your thoughts been on the recent fashion weeks? 

Zomby: Quite trippy. I mean, NYC obviously has great Wi-Fi, London has rain and Paris has croissants.

Have you been collaborating with any other designers?

Zomby: The most recent runway soundtrack I wrote was for En Noir 13, I think. Maybe Cav Empt and Proenza Schouler used some of my music for SS14 also, which was cute. What I'm working on now I can't reveal, but you'll hear it I'm sure.

Zomby plays alongside Cult Music Soundsystem this Friday at the Deviation show at XOYO.