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SFV Acid – The Dwell

Exclusive: A Starbucks-loving mutant prowls LA in the Valley boy's bizarre new vid with MOCA

SFV Acid’s 2013 album The Dwell is definitely not the first contemporary work of art to have been produced, at least in part, inside a giant chain coffee store (in this case, a Starbucks in the Valley), but it has to be one of the first to weave the plasticity and alienation of that environment into its actual fabric. Speaking of plastic aliens, see the video for the album’s title track premiering above: a customer with a mutant, expressionless head, coffee cup clasped numbly in hand, wanders out of Starbucks and through empty streets before meeting a grisly end in nameless suburbia. The whole piece scratches at the back of your consciousness like a tannoy of “relaxing” pop-folk compilations and the fumes of an endless assembly line of macchiatos, as detached and glass-eyed as that plastic face, and all the more affecting for it.

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