Little Dragon Day
#1. Klapp Klapp

World exclusive: To launch Little Dragon's fourth album, we present a looming, cinematic creation with creative direction by Nabil

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For Little Dragon’s “Klapp Klapp”, a darkly seductive song where “the spirits blow around like a hurricane whip”, director Taylor Cohen partners creative director Nabil to conjure an occult netherworld. The track, which leads Spring-bound LP Nabuma Rubberband (via Because Music), is a cosmic explosion of the Gothenburg quartet’s sleek chromatic sound. After an acoustic intro, Yukimi Nagano incants ominously as sinkhole synth opens the abyss: “Finally they call my name / The ghost inside can wake us to life”. Cohen, who directed Best Coast’s “Boyfriend” and Matt & Kim’s VMA-winning “Lessons Learned”, draws a stunning performance from Dominican actress Julieta Rodriguez, who gets down like killers get electrocuted before summoning the dead with jerky voodoo in a kind of ritual union. Click below for the scoop on the vid from Nabil and Cohen – and look out for the Nabil-directed sequel, which will accompany a future Little Dragon single.

Taylor Cohen:
"There’s something primal and eerie about the song... the drums feel ceremonial, you know? The original treatment I wrote was set in Mexico, in the kind of cemetery where Michael Douglas wakes up in The Game. But then we incorporated the voodoo element, and the Dominican Republic came up. It was Ivan Herrera, a great local producer we had with a great crew, that suggested the remote church location. Almost all of my writing has female leads; they’re just more interesting to me. Although it was a tough shoot she was a total pro throughout. I can’t recommend shooting in the Dominican enough – I'd go back in a second."

"Taylor’s a writer and a creative dude and a friend, so going to work in the Dominican Republic with him was pretty rad. He has a weird mind like mine. My main job was trying not to annoy him – I didn’t get in the way, except for the very end sequence, where I jumped in and directed my version of the ending. The reveal at the start of my video is different to Taylor’s ending, my panning shot and the spirit rising out of the grave. It all started because I was asked to do a video for “Klapp Klapp”. I really liked the song, and then they sent me some more I really liked. So I said, Let me take two videos – my friend Taylor’s a talented guy who hasn’t really done much, I’ll get him to do one and make sure both are good!"

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