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The Golden Filter Unselected Works Vol 2

The Golden Filter – Unselected Works 2

Exclusive: Stream the eclectic and imaginative new pop tape from the ice-cold NYC duo

Where have The Golden Filter been? Everywhere, if the Eastern twangs, jazz flute breakdowns, earthy percussion and horror movie bass of their latest demo tape, Unselected Works Vol 2, is to be believed. Following on from Vol 1, which they dropped with little fanfare over the holidays, the NYC duo’s latest offering contains shadows of their familiar synth stabs and smokescreen vocals, but has a confident new swagger that sees these elements isolated, sharpened and stretched way out of their comfort zone.

Each fresh sound is starker and spikier than anything they’ve offered before, thrusting Penelope Trappes’s vocal under the unforgiving spotlight of Stephen Hindman’s metallic production. Opener “Diamond Island” plunges into frostbitten disco, while “If Godd Only Knew” walks a tense staccato tightrope for over two minutes before erupting into frantic percussion. The whole thing leaves you wondering, if these 'unselected works' show such depth of imagination, what 'selected works' might sound like; here’s hoping we’re not left wondering for long.