Jorge Elbrose – Called to Ring

Exclusive: The ritualistic video for Jorge Elbrecht & Ariel Pink's hypnotic collaboration

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Jorge Ariel

Former member of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Jorge Elbrecht has run back into the bosom of Los Angeles' most idiosyncratic psych-songmaster for "Called to Ring". A woozy, oozy four minutes, it's dreampop with a subtle yet sturdy grunge underpinning, featuring on the Mexican Summer: Five Years comp which came out at the end of last year. A man of many talents, as well as evidently having a whole host of lusciously long-locked models on speed dial, Elbrecht also directed the video, in which said ladies headbang in slow-mo whilst fake air-guitaring on real guitars. Not only does it work as a tongue-in-cheek take down of posy nu-gaze, it's brilliantly hypnotic and will have you wanting to invest in a new brand of conditioner, so you too can get gloriously flicky California hippy hair.

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