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Naomi Pilgrim (Patricia Reyes)

Naomi Pilgrim – Money

Exclusive: The smoky Swedish alt-popstar returns with a tectonic, soaring cover of Lady's 2012 track

Swedish singer Naomi Pilgrim has a tendancy towards crackling R&B-tinged alt-pop. She debuted last year with the fluttering, trilling "No Gun", and now she returns with the buzzing "Money", a cover of Lady's soulful 2012 track. Producer Fredrik Okazaki (a past collaborator of Robyn) gives the track a soft sheen, while pitching down her vocals in the middle 8 and laying the track with a morphing low end that sounds as if a million fuses are about to blow. Either that, or Pilgrim herself will.

Naomi Pilgrim’s self-titled EP, featuring “No Gun” and “Money”, is out February 3 on Cosmos. Pre-order here.