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Wildarms – Just For Love

Exclusive: Stream the delicately driving new EP from Cascine's pop artist

Wildarms, the light-fingered NY-based producer with a penchant for emoticons, releases a new EP today on Cascine. The freely-downloadable set is entitled Just For Love and the sequel to Clear Eyes EP, which we launched on Dazed earlier this year. It expands on that release's bob and gallop in its unpredictable humming way, scattered with instruments, sampled vocals and bird chirps. Everything on this release is more magnetic, with sampled vocals spanning all manner of ranges, and instrumention that veers from honky-tonk to birdsong and everything in between. The middle song, "U Don't Understand" seems a beacon and culmination of his style, with an "oomph", clip, vitality, and push that hasn't been felt in Wildarms' other songs. Cooper never plays his whole hand at once – and that's what makes Just For Love so elaborate. Stream the EP below, and check out Cascine and 100% Silk's Holiday Mix that Wildarms curated.

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