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Dirty Fingernails Let Out A European Scream

Dirty Fingernails Bring Surreal Finnish Rock To The Streets Of London

Dirty Fingernails hail from Finland and write twisted paeans to Marianne Faithfull and Chop Suey. Last year, they relocated from the wintry climes of their homeland to north London’s Finsbury Park, and they brought a Santa-sized sack of glitter-soaked rock’n’roll with them…

…so special about you guys, then?
Sami: The fresh breeze we’re bringing with us from the Arctic Circle.
Paivi: Our work ethic.

…why are your fingernails so dirty?
Sami: It was important to pick a band name no one else would touch.
Paivi: I smoke roll-ups.

…the best piece of advice you've heard?
Paivi: Always wait until you get to work before you take a dump. That way you get paid to do it.

…this year going to bring?
Sami: Ideally lots of sex and drugs, and an album release in the UK. If pushed, we’ll settle for some booze and a couple of singles.

…the greatest record ever made?
Sami: Coming Up.
Paivi: London Calling.

…better, analogue or digital?
Sami: I swing both ways.

…your favourite piece of clothing
Sami: The pinstripe jacket I bought the first time I was in Paris.

…the name of your hero?
Sami: Colin Wilson.
Paivi: Peter Singer.

…so special about your heroes?
Sami: Sleeping rough on Hampstead Heath and then defrosting in the British Library reading room to write his first book was pretty special.
Paivi: Moral values.

…your favourite instrument?
Sami: Chimes!
Paivi: The melody horn.

…your worst fashion secret?
Sami: I own some long johns…
Paivi: A couple of years ago I had a shaved head apart from some curly extensions on the front…

….your favourite website?

…the top of your shit list?
Sami: Middle-class guilt over the environment. Jeremy Clarkson
Paivi: Gelatine.

…your music all about?
Sami: Walking the streets of north London.
Paivi: Balloons and bubblegum!