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The Embassy I-D

The Embassy – “I-D"

Exclusive: The Swedish Balearic heroes follow a trail of blood in their oddball new video

The Embassy's new video for "ID," which Ty Olson directed, is almost Viking-themed with a shot of a great sword starting it all off and then a trail of blood that Torbjörn Håkansson follows through the verdant woods. The other (and best) part of it all involves Fredrik Lindson sitting in a chair in the middle of a sage-colored mossy field singing as Håkansson dances, bounding to and fro, with his back to a mirror to the dallying, trilling flutter of the song. Even heavy topics need dance breaks (see American Horror Story last season), and for good measure we get The Embassy dance-swaying amongst an array of colorful lights (and also some intense action about Lindson's fate in the forest). While it's described on YouTube as: "THE DECLINE AND FALL OF EMBASSY?" this is hardly the case. "ID" comes from The Embassy's album "Sweet Sensation" which International put out earlier this year. As the track goes, "better die on your feet / Than live on your knees". Preach.

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