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Joe Metronomy

Metronomy's Aquarian anthems

Joe Mount selects his favourite astrological tunes, feat Beyoncé, Prince and Outkast

Metronomy's Joe Mount made a stargazing comeback last night with his brooding new single "I'm Aquarius". The track is also streamable via the Night Sky 2 app – just point your phone at the Aquarius constellation. The track is taken from the fourth Metronomy album Love Letters, out March 10, and to celebrate the release, Mount selects his favourite spaced-out, horoscope-referencing tracks.

Diana Ross and the Supremes – "No Matter What Sign You Are"

"Diana Ross sings ‘No matter what sign you are, you’re going to be mine you are’, well, how very typically Aries of her. Diana is a doer, but she’s impulsive. From the primal screams at the top of the track we’re reminded that Aries is a fire sign. Mars rules her so she’s likely to power on through until she gets her way, but at what cost?"







The Fifth Dimension – "Age of Aquarius / Let the Sunshine"

"Although some astrologers say we are currently living in the Aquarian age, others believe we are still in the age of Pisces and will be for the next 400 years or so."


Outkast – "Aquemini"

"Horoscopes often lie…or so says Andre 3000. Andre 3000 has gone on to say 'You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather'. At times it feels like Andre is pulled between two ways of thinking. On the one hand he wants us to put our faith in nature, to ignore the weather forecast and forecaster. But on the other, he suggests that horoscopes (readings divined in and by nature) often lie. Well which is it? Make up your mind! Needless to say Andre 3000 is a Gemini."

Shocking Blue – "Venus"

"This one’s for the Taureans and Librans out there."

Beyoncé – "Signs"

"Beyoncé (Sagittarius) is pretty clued up on Zodiac signs, so it makes perfect sense that she would end up with a Virgo. The two signs make for a very well rounded couple. Although having now just read through this song’s lyrics I’ve now found a few inaccuracies. I won’t bother pointing them out here, I’ll probably write direct to her personal astrologer."

Floaters – "Float On"

"This song is pretty self explanatory, it’d probably be a good idea if everyone was as transparent as The Floaters. There is no shame in letting people know what they can expect from your character as determined by your star sign. As we all know, we can’t change our behavior, it is pre-determined, by the cosmos."

Eddie Kendricks – "Son of Sagittarius"

"This is a menacing slice of pure Sagittarian groove."

Prince – "Kiss"

 “Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with…” LOL, just try Sagittarius, Scorpio or a fellow Gemini, Prince! I think you’ll find some pretty incompatible ladies. Stick to Librans and Aquarians.


Harvey Sid Fisher – "Medley"

"I mentioned LOL in that last video, it seems mad to do a YouTube playlist and not include some kind of LOL inducing video. So, here it is.