Fryars – The Power

Exclusive: premiere the grainy comeback of one-man powerhouse Fryars

The black and white grainy, blurred hue of Fryars’ “The Power” video could be seen as being emblematic of Ben Garret’s feelings about placing his project in the public eye. After his debut album Dark Young Hearts in 2009, he almost considered ditching the moniker altogether, but worried it might be construed as following a fleeting trend. Instead, he had his debut EPs and first album removed from iTunes, choosing his latest release to be his real opening statement to the world. 

Something of a mid-life, identity crisis? Hardly – Garret is still only 22 years old, but has about as much music experience as someone in their mid-thirties might have (he’s been making music for nearly a decade already, and has written pop songs for Lily Allen and Mika). Even when taking centre stage, as he does here, he still seems more content to lurk in the background – his face is hidden by shadows, or melded and split by a metallic, monochrome psychedelic blur. Rather than pushing its star to the forefront, the video oozes an atmosphere closer to something of a live visual backdrop, allowing its simple but alluring melody to endlessly circle and the vocals to glisten and shine through.

New EP 'Radio PWR' OUT NOW on iTunes.

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