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Josh Record - Bones (Fryars Remix)

Exclusive: Listen to a light-textured new remix from electronic songwriter Fryars

Earnest, ecclesiastical singer-songwriter Josh Record’s original "Bones" could be almost too much for those with a sensitivity towards sappy romance. Yet songwriting prodigy Fryars, aka Ben Garrett, saw its inner beauty. He took "Bones" out, had a word, and this intriguing, nocturnal re-imagining is the result. Garrett has brought in eroticism, levity via applause (at 1:27), and a hypnotically glitchy middle-eight to lift the track from near-Milk Tray moment to a booty call that you wouldn’t dream of ignoring.

Fryars' debut EP Radio PWR is out on October 21 on 679. Until then, revisit his excellent current single "The Power", and read our head to head interview with him and his visual collaborator Simon Drake here.