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Dinos Chapman x Trevor Jackson - Luftbobler

Exclusive: stream Trevor Jackson's brutal, throbbing remix of 'Luftbobler'

Ahead of this month's live AV show at Fabric over Frieze week, we've got an exclusive stream off of Dinos Chapman's forthcoming EP, Luv2H8 out on The Vinyl Factory. On top of three new tracks, the EP will also feature a throwback to Chapman's Luftbobler album from earlier this year: Trevor Jackson's mammoth 'proto-techno' remix of the title track. Throbbing its way over the nine minute mark, Jackson takes the original to new, 'brutal' heights and gives us a teaser for his DJ set at the Fabric show supporting Dinos along with Jarvis Cocker, Steve Mackey, Nick Williams and Heimlich.  

Here, Dazed talks to Dinos about the remix and looking forward to getting out of the basement to premiere his new show at Fabric.

It's gonna sound really good and brutal loud.

Dazed Digital: Why the name Luv2H8?

Dinos Chapman: Y not...I thought I was being original but I've since found out that about 2 million people have already used it as a song title. But that's fine.

DD: What was the creative process behind the EP?

Dinos Chapman: Same as usual. Imagine a small child rummaging around in a toy box in search of their favourite toy. And imagine his glee finding something he'd forgotten he had. That's me.

DD: You’ve said in the past that you self-taught yourself with music basically - how do you think your sound has progressed since Luftbobler?

Dinos Chapman: Luftbobler only came out less than 6 months ago, so give us a chance! The tracks have got longer and more involved though, they're not snapshots anymore, they're a little bit more evolved.

DD: How did the Trevor Jackson remix come about?

Dinos Chapman: We asked. And he said yes. Large amounts of money then changed hands.

DD: What has Jackson’s involvement added to the track for you, personally?

Dinos Chapman: It's gonna sound really good and brutal loud.

DD: What are you looking forward to most about bringing the show to Fabric?

Dinos Chapman: It's the next fix in my new addiction. Playing live adds a whole different perspective to making the music. And it gets me out the basement.

Dinos' AV show premieres on Thursday 17 October at Fabric

Luv2H8 is released on October 14th via The Vinyl Factory

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