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WhoMadeWho's Russian House Party

WMW's video for new single 'The Train' features Chicks on Speed as well as a copious amount of lycra courtesy of Walter Van Beirendonck.

An accidental "nouveau rich" house party in Moscow was the perfect opportunity for Chicks on Speed to direct the WhoMadeWho guys for their new video. Walter Van Beirendonck provided the bright, lycra catsuits for WMW and Manish Arora also contributed with pieces for the girls to frolick around in: "When I made my SS09 collection I really wanted it to have an element of fun, when I saw the girls from Chicks on Speed wearing some of the pieces in the WhoMadeWho video I though it was fantastic and they looked like they were having a blast wearing the clothes and jumping all over the place." Dazed Digital quizzed Tomas Hoeffding of WMW about fighting off security guards, the comfort factor of lycra and Darth Vader's summer residence.

Dazed Digital: What was it like being directed by the Chicks on Speed girls?
Tomas Hoeffding: GREAT. Mainly because there was no direction. We met at a huge penthouse upperclass apartment in Moscow where we were playing a joint gig with them. They brought two different kinds of clothes, and the shoot was just about us trying on the clothes and hanging out in the apartment. It only took one afternoon. Oh yeah; there was one direction: they wanted us to each do a "speech to the nation"....but the only part that made it to the video was me applauding Jeppe's speech about how you should make peace with your parents.

DD: Whose apartment was it really in the video?
TH: It was supposed to be a secret but actually this is Darth Vader's summer residence. we actually made some shots wearing his suit, but they came out way too silly.

DD: Was that a real security guard you filmed?
TH: Oh yeah. the fight took place after the gig and two bootles of vodka. We did not realize it was going to be in the video. There were five security guards around, on their walkie talkies talking about the terrible fight in the dressing rooms. We were fighting man to man as well (luckily it not in the video as I lost to Tomas Barfod). In the beginning they thought the fight was for real. The guards wanted to kill us and we were running around all day in our colourful, tight suits. They thought we were such pussies! After Barfod had fought the two chicks, he asked the guard next to him if he wanted to fight him too. That was when the local promoter told us it would be safer for us to leave the building!

DD: Was all that lycra bodysuiting comfortable?
TH: Oh yes. One of them got fucked during the fights, though.

DD: Whose bum was being paint slapped?
TH: Not a WMW ass, they are way more hairy.

WhoMadeWho album 'The Plot' out in March.

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