Exclusive: Petit Fantôme's 'Teahupoo'

Exclusive: Get wet with Petit Fantôme's dreamy underwater surf video

The video for Petit Fantôme's 'Teahupoo' is a full-body immersion into the deep blue sea, using footage from Crystal Voyager, a 1973 documentary about surfer George Greenough’s search for the perfect wave. Initially filmed as part of a 23 minute slow-mo ending backed by Pink Floyd's 'Echoes', Jamie Harley recut the sequence into a dream of tubular ecstacy soundtracked by Petit Fantôme's textural electronic pop.

Better known as Pierre Loustaunau of Franco-British pop outfit François And The Atlas Mountains, Petit Fantôme's solo output has kicked up a notch with Stave, an 11-track mixtape that was released on 1 May alongside an online depository of old lyrics, personal pictures and sketches.

"Teahupoo is one of the most known waves in the world," Petit Fantôme explains. "It means the "wall of skulls". This song is a tribute to Malik Joyeux, a french professional surfer who surfed the biggest wave there and later died while surfing, and to all other surfers who suffered the same fate. This song represents the moment when they're at the bottom of the wave, trapped and unable to find an exit from this terrible wave."


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