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J£zus Million's Cold Shoulder

Exclusive: Download the wunderkind R&B producer's airy mixtape, featuring Sasha Go Hard and YADi

19-year old Boston-based producer J£zus Million (aka Joseph Zucco) has a knack for picking guest vocalists for his R&B productions scattered with pockets of light. Last year, he produced Charli XCX's "Cloud Aura" (feat. Brooke Candy) and now he premieres his new mixtape Cold Shoulder on Dazed. Eclectic British singer YADi guests on the fluttering "Memo", while "Bottles" pops with the bolshy rhymes of drill rap princess Sasha Go Hard, who we featured in our in-depth Chicago scene report Drill At Will. Yet while his collabs span borders, his heart lies closer to home in the Boston subrbs, as he told us below.

Download J£zus Million's Cold Shoulder mixtape here.

Dazed Digital: Boston has this kinda collegiate reputation - is there a good scene there?
J£zus Million: I don't go to clubs. I honestly wouldn't know of any emerging scenes coming out of Boston. I live in a suburb, not really close to any of the areas I hit up when I'm in the city. The best shows I've seen here were Com Truise and Active Child at the Brighton Music Hall or Deerhunter three times back in high school.

DD: Where in Boston do you head when you wanna just chill out and listen to music?
J£zus Million: The Boston Common during the summertime.

DD: What does a J£sus Million live set look like?
J£zus Million: Right now it's just a DJ set. I'm trying to piece together an ideal live set. It's going to start small but eventually I'd like to have live instrumentation incorporated into it.

DD: What inspired you to collaborate with YADi?
J£zus Million: Her voice. She has a sweet voice. I thought her addition to "Memo" was catchy and the stems she sent over were fun to mess with.

DD: How did you first get into making music?
J£zus Million: I started when I was 10, taking guitar lessons. When I was 13 I started recording my punk band I had formed with a couple of upperclassmen. From there I picked up more instruments and knowledge along the way.

Dazed Digital: Was there one record that did it for you?
J£zus Million: Probably Pet Sounds. Not 100% sure though.

DD: What's coming up for the rest of this year for you?
J£zus Million: Tons of solo recording for an EP and production work. I'd like to plan a university tour as well and possibly make my way over to the UK before 2014.

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