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Emily Schuna

20/20 Visions: Emily Schuna

NYC's bedroom producer on founding her label and giving a Bon Iver track a flick of the wrist

“I’ve been recording music since I was 14 or so,” says musician, zinemaker and basement entrepreneur Emily Schuna. Inspired by her internship at Brooklyn DIY mainstay Captured Tracks (“I still can’t get over being surrounded by people who actually know what post-punk is!”) she’s started her own label, Human Nature Records. “I like the idea of our label existing as a small platform to get our work out to an audience, however small that label may be.” After statehopping across the US, she moved to New York from Boston in January and immersed herself in making cellar funk, as well as continuing with duo Midnight Cruise and starting a new outfit called Modes. “I know this really sounds like a lot going on,” she laughs, “but these are the friends I’d be making music with in my downtime anyway.”

Patricia Arquette or Demi Moore?
Patricia Arquette.

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins?
Smashing Pumpkins.

Wu Tang or A Tribe Called Quest?
I can’t honestly say I haven’t listened to enough of either to choose. I consulted my sister, and she says Wu Tang.

Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton?
Bill Clinton.

Edward Furlong or Christian Slater?
Edward Furlong.

Poetic Justice or Menace II Society?

Jurassic Park or Groundhog Day?
Jurassic Park.

Trainspotting or The Virgin Suicides?

Beavis or Butthead?

Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell?
Kate Moss.

Mortal Kombat or Super Mario Bros?
Super Mario Bros, all the way. Yoshi’s Island on SNES was my jam.

Young and beautiful or old and wise?
Old and wise.

Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Lollapalooza or LOLZ?
Lollapalooza…still bummed I won’t be there to see The Cure play!

RuPaul or Ron Jeremy?

Retro or future?

Drunk or sober?

War or peace?
Peace, duh.

Night or day?

Party or bullshit?

Emily wears denim waistcoat by Levi's; silk front jumper by All Saints; striped shirt worn underneath by Marc Jacobs; embellished tie by Creatures of the Wind using Swarovski Elements; pins Emily's own