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Orphan - Re:

Stream Karen Gwyer, patten and Datasette's remixes of the London musician's EP

Created as a reworked collective of rare material, South London musician Orphan's enigmatic release on the conceptual label Kaleidoscope entitled, 'Retakes', uses original files and patches unearthed from old synths and hard drives to produce new interpretations of one of her 2009 live sets. Each of the pieces torn from the original mix have been sonically revised and reworked into five discrete standalone tracks available as unique C35s and digitally. Since then, the pieces have undergone further adaptations with the likes of Datasette, patten, Karen Gwyer and Michael taking their distinctive approaches and tastes to reimagine Retakes again.

Available as a free digital collection available through Kaleidoscope from May 31st here

1. 169/Understanding (Datasette remix)
2. Most of Missing (patten remix)
3. Horns for the Spirits (Karen Gwyer remix)
4. Hours (Michael remix)
5. Losos2 (bonus track)