Ice Choir Ft Caroline Polachek - Everything Is Spoilt By Use

Chairlift's magnetic frontwoman shoots a 'digital-Victorian' video for the NY producer

After duetting with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek on his new song, 'Everything Is Spoilt By Use', NY artist Ice Choir aka Kurt Feldman (of Pains Of Being Pure Heart/Depreciation Guild) has enlisted the multi-talented frontwoman to make the enticing video for the track taken from his debut album, 'Afar'. Taking its subject and title from the John Keats poem, "Fancy", the new track sees dark and gothic accompanying visuals, featuring sartorial pieces from the likes of Dries Van Noten and custom dress designs inspired by Ice Choir's influences of Japanese city-pop to early 90s video games.

Caroline Polachek: "I was a huge fan of Kurt's work, so naturally I said yes when he asked me if I'd sing the duet with him. But when he first read me the lyrics, I got chills at the line: " put your tension on the strings, echoing a warning...". It sounded just as much like bondage as possessive parenting, or a master's snarls to his 'kept woman' (hi Freud), but in context, it was more about the containment of imagination, and the unnatural prevention of decay. I'd wanted to make a video for the song since that session, so when the holidays brought me home from tour, I staged it as a digital-Victorian (soap) opera. While editing the video, the plastic wrapping kept turning up in my dreams, and became a theme on the streets of Brooklyn. It really got inside me as a symbol. Now I would love for this song to end up as some quiet teenager's figure skating routine. Because this song is gothic as goth can get; no doomy trappings of the genre, but all the pining and excess."

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