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Double Trouble!

Jefferson Hack together with Mark Moore hit the decks at Carsten Holler's Prada Double Club on Friday night.

Its Friday 19th December, and something is stirring in Islington. Yes, Islington. Not the kind of area usually associated with ground breaking, forward thinking art concepts, but its happening, nonetheless. The Double Club – an art concept by acclaimed artist Carsten Holler, realised by Foundazione Prada, has been in full swing for almost 4 weeks now. The unique approach to an evenings entertainment is exactly that; unique. The juxtaposition of Congolese and Western culture creates something special here – a celebration of difference, a dichotomy of diversity.

Friday in particular, was a meeting of minds, with Jefferson Hack and Mark Moore hosting the ‘bling-tastic’ disco room. The room in itself is unlike any other. A rotating dancefloor, rotating lighting rig, state of the art disco lights, lazers, strobes… A real clubbing fantasy, offset with a 7 foot red LED palm tree, battered leather sofas and the most BIZARRE selection of Congolese music videos on rotation. And bizarre they are, with everything from Yummy Mummy 4x4’s, to  drinks trolley’s –yes drinks trolleys, are celebrated and lusted after. The ultimate Congolese status symbols – or so it seems!

And so, back to the music. It seems Jefferson Hack has had some kind of breakthrough. Admittedly, some of his previous ‘dj’ offerings have been, well, ‘eclectic! Friday was a different story completely. The place kicked off! Playing with the mighty Mark Moore obviously suits Mr Hack – gone was his usual, shoe-gazingly suicidal, ‘too cool for school set’, and in its place was a knowledgeable, party-driven set of modern electro hits. Mark Moore followed up with his usual outstanding party style, playing the crowd like a fiddle. The likes of Kim Jones, Bryan McMahon, Anouk Lepere, Tolula Adeyemi were all down to show their support to Jefferson – not that he needed it!