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Yacht at Dissonanze

The Portland electro-pop duo - yes, it's a duo now - interviewed in Rome.

The best thing we saw at Rome's Dissonanze Festival earlier this month was Yacht, an incredibly entertaining hipster electro act from Portland who combine nerdy dance moves, hyphy bass and deadpan humour. We interviewed them the day of their performance, on the way back from their mid-afternoon sound check.

Dazed Digital: Yacht was originally a one-man band, but there are two of you now.Claire Evans: I bought my way in.

Jona Bechtolt: Yeah, I held an eBay auction. She paid $500. I'm really happy to have a second member to share the load of carrying bags. Mostly carrying bags on tour, but also carrying bags on stage. So for all those one man bands out there, go two. Make that upgrade.

DD: You're both from Portland.

CE: I've never been to Portland.

JB: We both live in Portland.

CE: One of us lies and one of us always tells the truth.

JB: This is going to be hard.

DD: Jona, you used to be in The Blow with Khaela Maricich.

JB: That was two years ago now. I don't even remember what that was like.

DD: Are you still in touch with Khaela?

JB: No.

DD: We won't ask any more about that, then.JB: No, no, keep going. Go deeper.

DD: Why did you break up?JB: I hated being in that band. It was fun for maybe half a year and then it got really bad personally.

DD: Sad. Is there going to be another Yacht album?JB: Yeah, we're 95 per cent done with it and now we're practising the songs on tour. So after we've tested them out in front of audiences, we've got another two weeks to put all the gold glitter on top of the album, and the sprinkles. And then we're touring again. And then the album is out in September.

DD: And you always do your fantastic dance moves when you play live?JB: I wouldn't consider them dance moves.

CE: I wouldn't consider them fantastic.

DD: Are you going to check out some techno tonight?JB: Yeah.

CE: We're probably going to take some ecstasy.

JB: Ecstasy with dinner. You have to take it with food. It's good instead of salt.

See Yacht in London on 5th July at Proud Galleries.