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Bonjour, The Skinny Body of France!

Finnish lady trio (with a French name) Le Corps Mince de Francoise are un-genre-able and proud. Zut alore!

Emma came up with the name in 2006 when she put up some garage band demos on Myspace. She got offered some gigs and asked Mia and Malin to join. Then they played so many shows in Finland they never got rid of the name. Simple as that. “Le Corps Mince de Françoise sounds cool, like ‘French minced corpses’. We use that, it's much better than the original meaning,” they clarify. Silly me for being confused with a collection of Finnish lovelies adopting a Francophile moniker. “Fine - the second album will be in Finnish, and our band name will be Sirkka-liisan laiha vartalo! And the music will still be good.” Ah yes. The music.
Simply put, LCMDF and their badass beats are ace. I should know - we go back. Me and LCMDF. Way back. At the beginning of 2008 in a dimly-lit indie club I play a demo I *ahem* downloaded - a rough, scratchy cut of Cool & Bored, all kicky pop, comedy gangster rap with buttery vowels falling into wet slurpy cackles of laughter at the chorus and heavy doses of girl power, plastic lips birthing a new-millenium-Chicks-on-Speed-via-the-Commodore-64-route-of-Funkstar-Deluxe vibe. I slap it on after a few CTA electro tracks and BLAM. Kills it. The set is suddenly alive. Kids kick off their stilettos and Converse and break their limbs into shapes I‘ve never seen before. Arms are no longer in shoulder blades. Legs don’t bend at the knee. “We're so happy that you played our song!” The trio belt out in falsetto. 

Fans, and by ‘fans’ I mean press releases, take pleasure in the lazy comparison “Robyn with a little bit of electro Lily Allen”. Yeah, that's a pretty good way to put it, but it’s not half way to describing the pure, unadulterated punk electro pop that comes as par for the course when these energy-blasted ladies open their gobs. Bonkers. Surreal.

Picture it: English-as-second-language semi-rapped lyrics “Blah to the blah, you gonna talk all night?” Yelle's take-no-prisoners rhymes, a smidge of Le Tigre's earlier snotty dance punk, Electric Six’s campy nonsense, a sample of M.I.A.'s nu rave 808 dub, and a tropical vibe with some booming bass akin to Diplo. "Not impressed... Ray Bans off and you will be mine/I won't date a guy if he's still wearing Ray Ban glasses." Picture it... You can’t can you? It’s un-picture-able.

“We just call it experimental pop-flavoured madness,” Malin dares, aware of the hard task at hand. Damn you, you genre-defying chanteuses.

“Many of the comparisons we get originate only from that we are girls. Emma got a bit confused when we got compared with Lesbians on Ecstasy. She's never listened to them. We also got compared to The Knife, and Architecture in Helsinki, which we don't understand. Might be about the female vocals? Nobody has yet compared us to Talking Heads, Metronomy and a lot of stuff we listened to as kids though those are our main influences. We're all 90s kids and have a past of Los del Rio, Moby, Leila K, Snap!, Prodigy... THATS POP!”

One word: CSS.

“Yeah we get that a lot. We’re fans though. Can we say this here? We've illegally downloaded their first CD.”

And we should buy your record instead of their’s because…

“Because it's very good.”
Ah touche! (That’s French too.)
LCMDF’s EP out early next year, with debut Bitch of The Bitches, and B-sides Cool & Bored and ray Bans available on download now.