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Gentle Friendly Stay True to Their Namesake

A band with a calming presence, featured on this month's Dazed playlist will be releasing an album in April.

Gentle Friendly on a personnel level are exactly as their namesake, both gentle and very friendly, I like their calming presence, particularly in that in-betweeny, nerve racking period of time between sound check and people (hopefully) arriving to the show.

I have witnessed on a few occasions the precise moment the calming aura evaporates from the Midlanders, now Peckham based. The duos wires are connected the kick drum stuck firmly in place to stop it from dancing it’s escape from Dan’s fierce stomping, David fixes his knee pads knelt over his salvaged keyboard…  Facing each other a last glance is given before the frantic howls of anguish replace the serenity; and thank god for that!

Hardcore with more style and texture, a welded together tapestry of screwed up energy and telepathic-togetherness, the sensation of laying face down drunk on Dragon Stout on the hot painted curb in the L.A. sun. Cool as fuck basically. Just have a listen to this months Dazed Digital playlist, GF’s ‘XXXmas’ is a good starting point.

After playing various shows with a dream team of contemporary new-noise makers such as HEALTH, Ponytail, Abe Vigoda, Telepathe, These are Powers and Indian Jewelery the twosome went on to release the ‘Night Tape’ EP on fellow South London dwellers ‘No Pain In Pop’ label last month. If you didn’t get the 7” like I regrettably didn’t, you probably missed out and will be forever self harming, well at least until you get to pick up the Long Player due out on London based noise-monopoly ‘Upset The Rhythm’ due out in April.
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