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Diamond Version - EP3

Presenting a visceral hyperreality, the cryptic electronic sound artists have a message for you

Preceding a series of equally hyperreal videos, the forward-thinking German producers (and Raster-Noton label founders), Byetone and Alva Noto behind the experimental collaborative project, Diamond Version, created a recondite 'mission statement' playing out a repetitive digital message over a backdrop of dark, synthetic tones. Displaying: 'A greater measure of confidence. A promise for life. A virtual world of live pictures. Because I'm worth it'… the video presented endless corporate slogans removed from their contexts, creating a sinister utopia along with the duo's track titles which were to follow.

Conceptually adopting the phrase 'Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMC)' to describe the relentless slogans they've come across rendered meaningless by their constant repetition, the duo have aimed to explore them via their tracks: Science For A Better Life, Shift The Future and Forever New Frontiers, presenting a visceral reality merged with a surrealist future.

Established as some of today's most forward-thinking electronic music-cum-sound art via their German label, the new project from Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender (Byetone) is a more driving, energetic and perhaps dancefloor-appropriate endeavour, the end result of live experimentation via their shows.

Here they premiere their heavy-hitting, wildly-crescendoing, full throttle EP3 video exclusively on Dazed Digital:

 "At Diamond Version we’re not just dedicated to your life. We’re fanatical about it. We want to see you thrive. Which is why we create each and every one of our groundbreaking solutions with your life in mind. Our innovative products drive performance, improve collaboration and empower you to set your life apart."

Diamond Version - EP3 is out on 12" and download on 28 January 2013