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The Agony & The Ecstasy

New Factory Floor, old Brandy jams, plus the best videos and covers of the week all in one place

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Factory Floor - 'Fall Back'

"Did it feel you like you were going to fall back?" asks Nik Colk Void, her vocals distorted and in HAL-like in Factory Floor's comeback single. It's our first taste of the London trio's new album, their third to date and first on DFA Records, where a Chicago house beat meets Neu!-ish proto-synth zaps in dance music that's vital and unsympathetic in equal measure. At the end of the track, the song ebbs away to the starkest beat and fleetingly introduces an entirely new melody - a glimpse of the light relief not afforded to us elsewhere.


Leave it to Solange to call bluff on those who might judge R&B on its trendiness. "You really should know about deep Brandy album cuts before you are giving a "grade" or a "score" to any R&B artist," she tweeted this week. She linked to 'All In Me', a Rodney Jerkins production from 2002 - all swampy bass and off-beat percussives, with a quickening beat to allow for some fancy footwork in cargo pants. In fairness it sits as comfortably in todays current musical climate as it did ten years ago. Solange continued: "So you can stop acting like it just popped off last year for R&B. Like it just got interesting and experimental." Word.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Lorine Chia - 'Crazy Things'

Though she hails from Willoughby, Ohio, Lorine Chia has such a knack for garage-influenced beats that you'd be forgiven for placing her alongside UK soul artists with an ear for understated bass like Delilah and Lulu James. I just stumbled upon the gorgeously washed-out video for 'Crazy Things', which was released in November and sees the 19-year-old riding a pastel pink bike while overlaid with animated blooms to the hooky, mediative break-up song. It's taken from her mixtape 'LOЯINE', available for free download here.

COVER VERSION OF THE WEEK: Boy Friend - 'Drive' (The Cars Cover)

Austin-based fuzzpop duo Boy Friend haven't released anything since their debut album 'Egyptian Wrinkle' last winter, but their new cover of The Cars' 'Drive' showcases their ear for a pop melody as much as their love for stereo phasers. Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown transform the power-pop powerballad into a spacey slice of Italo noir with sighing harmonies that wouldn't seem out of place on the OST of the same name.

REMIX OF THE WEEK: Aaliyah - 'Are You That Somebody' (Hucci Gurl Remix)

New 702 Records signing Hucci Gurl premiered her first track a couple of days ago, a trap-influenced electronic reworking of Aaliyah's 90s classic 'Are You That Somebody'. Hucci chops up the vocals amongst schizoid bass and zippy electronics, hyping the track up into an early-hours banger. The drops just keep coming.

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