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NYE with Krystal Klear

The energetic boogie, disco-funk house producer chats to us about Pogs, Discogs, and his New Year's at dollop alongside his sultry Teedra rework up for grabs

Known for his OTT funk, unabashed camp disco and full blown early house vibes, Manchester producer Krystal Klear is probably your best bet as party DJs for the biggest night of the year go. London via Nottingham-based club night dollop have bagged him for their roaring line-up alongside UK house heavyweights Julio Bashmore, Numbers' Jackmaster, Oneman, and Deadboy as well as the Boiler Room/Principals crew Charles Drakeford, Nic Tasker plus all the dollop residents for one blowout night at a converted old East London theatre, The Troxy. To get you in the mood, KK's giving up his rework of r'n'b singer Teedra Moses and tells us about his festive traditions...

Dazed Digital: What is your weirdest NYE memory?
Krystal Klear: Weird is an interesting adjective... I could think of a million wild things but weird is a tricky one... mmm... Let's be true to the fact that NYE is ALWAYS an anti climax in a lot of regards so I'm gonna have to be a boring fart here and say that I can't really recall any major NYE (weird) memories.

DD: Where will you be at 1pm on the 1st Jan 2013?
Krystal Klear: I'll quite possibly be high on life after the previous nights events... semi-shackled by a demented hangover courtesy of Jack and on my way to Leeds to do it all over again.

DD: What have you asked Santa for this year?
Krystal Klear: A 6-pack, a Levi's endorsement, a ten grand Discogs voucher, a POGS board game and a date with Michelle Keegan.

DD: What's your secret Xmas guilty pleasure?
Krystal Klear: I dont really think theres such thing as guilt at Xmas... anything goes as far as I'm concerned but if there was one it probably be eating OUNCES of my mums turkey stuffing and bread sauce - I am such a pig.

DD: What are you most looking forward to?
Krystal Klear: In general or over the festive period? (I'll give you both) - Looking forward to getting loose with all the troops over the xmas/NY break... especially Dollop at Troxy ;) and regarding the new year I'm looking forward to releasing a lot of new music and working behind the scenes producing artists.... hoping to get back to the states soon too.

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